Mink Eyelashes at a Cruel Price

Where do mink eyelashes come from? They come from a cute little furry mammal. A common misconception is that these animals are simply shaved for their luxurious fur and freed into the wild to grow another coat. Nope!

A cute little mink minding it’s business

A mink is a little furry critter related to ferrets. It’s fur is considered very valuable. They are usually found roaming near bodies of water.

To get the highly coveted mink fur, the mink is taken to a fur farm where it will live out its numbered days in a cramped and unsanitary cage with a few more mink in order to promote breeding. They are usually underfed and largely ignored. They are typically electrocuted, bludgeoned, or gassed to death once they’ve served their purpose.

The demand for mink fur has become so high that the European minks are endangered.

Is his life worth your beauty?

Next time you go to get your eyelash extensions, hopefully the images of this little cute fur ball will change your mind. Your lashes may have “cruelty free” written on the packaging, but just know it’s a lie.

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