Why Jada Pinkett Smith Needs to STFU 😒

Without even seeing the full Red Table Talk episode featuring Snoop Dogg, I want Jada to stfu already. She said that when Snoop called Gayle King a “dog headed bitch”, she felt as if he was talking to her, her mother, or her daughter.

Jada!! Have several of those seats at that red table honey! You internalized Snoop’s rage against Gayle King’s tasteless line of questioning and made it about you. He said what he said! We all say things in the heat of the moment, whether Snoop Dogg was right or wrong is not my issue. My problem is a simple one: Why are you making this a bigger issue than what it is? He apologized, she accepted without apologizing for her actions that led to the name calling, and that was that. But here you, your mama, and Willow’s faux deep thought having ass go! Are you all running out of guests?

Gayle King offended most of the country because of the way she pressed on with her insensitive line of questioning about Kobe Bryant. Snoop is human. Could he have not made his opinion public? Yes. But in reality, was his opinion and the name calling really worth a sit down kumbaya moment at the red table?

Does he really need to be chastised for his grown ass opinion and freedom of speech?

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