McGruff The Crime Dog is going to Jail!!

We all remember McGruff the Crime Dog. 80’s and 90’s babies remember his messages about obeying the law. It seems that McGruff didn’t take his own advice.

John R. Morales, the man who played everyone’s favorite crime fighting pooch, was sentenced to 16 years behind bars. He was arrested in 2011 for possession of 1,000 marijuana plants, 27 weapons – including a grenade launcher, and 9,000 rounds of ammunition.

Wtf was he going to do with a grenade launcher?!

US Judge Vanessa Gilmore after going over his charges stated, “Everything I read about you makes you seem like a scary person.”

The irony in all of this is that a drug sniffing canine alerted police to his enormous marijuana stash.😂😂

Well, he won’t be taking a bite out of crime because crime is taking a huge bite out of him….for the next 16 years.

A grenade launcher though!?

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