Stop Tripping Over Sh*t You Can’t Control!

We all get triggered. It’s only human to get angry sometimes. But do you find yourself getting upset over almost everything? Well, I’ve got a gem of advice for you… stop tripping over shit you can’t control!

Stress is scientifically proven to have adverse effects on your health. With that said, if the copier at work is on the fritz again, why use your precious energy on negativity?

Start choosing when to get upset. In some situations emotions are harder to control. But for tiny little annoyances, simply choose not to get upset. If your actions can not change the undesirable results of a situation, don’t trip! Why not? Because you cannot control it!

Face it. A person who is always upset about something is annoying to those who have to endure the funky attitude. People tend to steer away from your negative energy like the plague. While you are ranting and raving about the “problem” at hand, your level headed peers are sitting as cool as a cucumber and looking at you wondering if you need an antidepressant. 😜

Long story short, don’t be the pessimistic hot head that everyone hates to be around. Don’t waste your precious energy on negative emotions. Most importantly, if you can’t control the situation don’t trip! Let things work itself out. You’ll find over time that you are more at peace in your life than you’ve ever been. 😊

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