The Benefits of Journaling: A surprising way to reduce stress!

When we think of writing in a journal, nostalgic memories of keeping a daily diary as a youth may come to mind. It was something that was deemed as a juvenile hobby to most, but what we didn’t know as we recorded our daily thoughts and scribbled dainty flowers and hearts on the lined pages, is how therapeutic journaling can be.

As adults, the weight of the world can become increasingly heavy to balance on our shoulders. The need to be able to vent and not be judged is outweighed by embarrassment, or seeming to be weak. Surprisingly, there are scientifically proven benefits to keeping a daily journal of your day to day activities, thoughts, and emotions.

An awesome prompt journal that focuses on strength, self reflection, and attracting positivity. Click to purchase.

Journaling increases self-awareness and assists in processing emotions. You will find yourself beginning to heal psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Keeping a log of your emotions day to day will make you more aware of your feelings and triggers.

There are journals with prompts that ask you self-discovery questions like Journal Queen, or you can take the old school route and get a blank journal.

Studies have shown that journal writing decreases anxiety, stress, and assists in getting a better night of sleep. Journaling will also improve your self-confidence because you are constantly reminding yourself of your achievements, and negative aspects that you will no longer accept.

Here are a few reasonably priced blank journals I found on Amazon to get you started on your journey to self healing. Chloe Diamond journals are always listed at a great price!

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