Tyler Perry’s ‘A Fall From Grace’ Hit or Miss?

By now, due to overwhelming opinions on the movie, most of us have viewed Tyler Perry’s latest film, A Fall From Grace. I am not a huge fan of Perry’s movies, especially the Madea movies. I became interested in the film because of the many positive reviews from people on social media.

The movie held my attention the entire time, which says a lot because I mostly indulge in sci-fi and fantasy films. I prefer movies with complex plots. Once the plot of A Fall From Grace thickened, I was glued to the screen, anticipating the events to come. I literally yelled at the screen during the basement scene. I really enjoyed the movie from beginning to end.

With that said, I had to sit back and think about Tyler Perry’s movie catalogue as a whole. A Fall From Grace reminded me of the movie Acrimony, starring Taraji P. Henson. Not the story line per say, but the general feeling of rooting for the scorned woman.

Mr. Perry recently responded to backlash for not hiring outside writers. He told Essence Magazine during an interview, “I don’t know what people are complaining about because I’m writing specifically for my audience.” While I categorically disagree with his decision not to have an active writers room to spice up his scripts, I respect his stance. He has a specific winning formula: Continue to pander to the audience that brought him unwavering success. It’s obviously working for him. As a man who suffered childhood abuses and adult homelessness, Tyler has defied all odds and has a net worth of $600 Million.

So, is his new movie ‘A Fall From Grace’ a hit or miss? That’s up for conjecture. While on one hand, all of his works are highly successful, and he has made many of his characters household names, on the other hand, watching his movies give many viewers deja-vu. The running theme of the scorned woman is not flawed, nor is the demographic that he’s targeting. It’s just that after seeing the same thing repeatedly, maybe Mr. Perry should attempt to expand on his viewer base to reach a wider audience. I can see why Spike Lee called his shows “coonery and buffoonery” to an extent. Black men are made to be evil and abusive in EVERY film, while the angry black woman gets revenge.

I honestly enjoyed ‘A Fall From Grace’. Other than the horrible wigs displayed, and Tyler Perry ALWAYS having a role in his own films, the movie was solid. But why do I always feel conflicted with his movies whether I enjoy them or not. Am I aiding and abetting his refusal to come up with new concepts by watching his films?

Sound off. What do you think of Tyler Perry’s movie catalogue as a whole?

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