2020 Horoscope Predictions: Keeping it 100!

2020 is upon us and we are all curious to know what the future holds for us. Find your sign below and see what the new year will bring to your life!

Your constant need to assert your independent nature will leave you single in 2020. If you are already in a relationship, don’t count on it lasting much longer because your partner is lonely with you. You suck at love! Also, please wash your feet when you are in the shower, they are a part of your body too.
You are naive and you don’t think before you act. 2020 will bring you fist fights and debt. Your mentality is similar to a rabid dog. You’ll start the year off by balling on a budget, but by Spring you’ll be looking for a payday loan.
You are your own worst enemy. Your need to self sabotage keeps you on a never ending loop. Your personality is bland and no one ever notices you, so you make sure to do something dumb to stand out. This year, you will embarrass yourself at work and your hopeless quest for love will remain unfulfilled. Also, please seek treatment for your addiction, psycho.
You lack common sense and are a tad bit slow to say the least. Your sweet nature will win you many friendships and love in 2020. Just don’t sign any contracts or make any big decisions without a lawyer and your year will be just fine.
Can you please come up with your own unique personality? You are a bland chameleon. You take on the mannerisms and thoughts of those around you. Your 2020 will ultimately mirror whomever you choose to emulate this year. Loser…. smh.
The passive cry-baby who always has an attitude about something. Your year will be full of financial success, because you are a natural go-getter, but your personal relationships will be strained because you suck at life and lack empathy.
On the day you were conceived, your mother had two choices, and she chose not to swallow. Here we are in 2020 and your narcissistic ways will continue to make everyone secretly hate you. You will thrive financially this year though!

Your mental issues are legendary! 2020 will reveal 3 of your multiple personalities. Do not look forward to a big change in your relationships and finances, they will remain as they were in 2020. You will however develop a strong relationship with your new court ordered therapist.
The hypocritical doormat. You are a habitual liar. You lie so much that you seriously believe your own B.S. 2020 is a big year for you. You are going to succeed beyond your highest expectations. Your constant lying is finally going to work in your favor! Good work Pinocchio! 
Your reputation of sexual prowess precedes you. This year you will meet your match, and Im sorry to tell you this, but they have herpes.  Make sure to see a doctor this time. Remember when you thought the Chlamydia/ Gonorrhea combo you had was a rash?
2020 will bring you a new understanding of yourself. You will find that you are a very mean person and that people really don’t like you, they just fear your overbearing and evil traits. Your year will depend on your choices. If you choose to change your ways, you will have the best year of your life. If you continue with being a nasty douche bag, you will have the worst year of your life and lose many friends, family, and your edges.
Tread lightly this year. You are a sociopath. You know it, and everyone around you knows it. You may even possibly be related to Satan. With that said, be careful in 2020 because you may wind up in jail or a mental institution. Oh! Start the new business you were thinking of. The stars are aligned in your favor for prosperity.

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