The Tragic Murder of Destiny Harrison: Where is the outrage?

Destiny Harrison was a 21 year old entrepreneur who was killed inside her own hair salon in Baltimore, Maryland.

What I am going to say may piss some people off, but at this point, I don’t care. Black people can be their own worst enemy. When a 21 year old woman does something successful that her peers typically don’t accomplish, she should be applauded, uplifted, and PROTECTED in her community. Instead, this young mother and business owner was gunned down in her own place of business. She had been robbed and beaten for hair bundles a few weeks prior to her murder. She told authorities that she ‘feared for her life’ and that she knew one of her attackers and that he had a violent criminal history.

A candlelight vigil to celebrate the life of business owner and mother, Destiny Harrison.

Where’s the outrage?! All you see are posts about how sad the situation is, and how people feel awful for her young daughter. But I ask again, where’s the outrage? When unarmed black men and women are unnecessarily killed by police, there’s outrage. We march, protest, form groups such as Black Lives Matter and flood the web with images and memes to support our outrage. Where’s Al Sharpton’s big head ass? Where’s the protest in the hood? We can’t have nothing! That’s why when black people make something of themselves, they move far away from their humble beginnings. A lot of crab in the barrel hood folks call them sellouts, but who wants to risk being killed to support a community that won’t support it’s own? It’s as if there is a hood mentality that, “If I don’t have it, this person isn’t going to have it either.” How come no one is robbing and gunning down the Asians who dominate the hair industry? Why is it that this young woman had to lose her life while providing a service to her community?

Now there’s a beautiful young motherless baby girl who was robbed of a fulfilling childhood. I ask again, where is the damn outrage! What will the community do to prevent this type of tragedy from occurring? Absolutely nothing. Nothing will be done, and it’s sad to say that Destiny Harrison’s name will sit under a pile of other needlessly murdered people’s names, forgotten with time.

There are more good folks in the hood than there are vermin. Until we all unite and stand up against them, no one will ever prosper.

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