I Hate Laura Winslow

We can all admit that we over indulged on the hit series Family Matters growing up. The show was funny, charming, and wholesome. I personally loved the show, but I can’t stand Laura Winslow. Before you all start bashing me, let me explain why.

First, let me get this part out of the way. Steve Urkel was a creepy stalker initially. He harassed Laura terribly throughout their early years. The issue is that Laura did not have feelings for Steve whatsoever. AT ALL!!! She turned him down and found him highly annoying until he had to reinvent himself with his handsome alter-ego Stefan Urkel. (You got to make Urkel sound French)

Between his sexy alter ego and Myra, Steve’s on again, off again girlfriend, Laura was riding the fence with Steve. She was a bit jealous of Myra and Steve’s relationship if you ask me. Jealous, but still didn’t want him. (Entitled much?)

Steve was deeply in love with Laura. His relationship with Myra was built on her knowledge of his undying love for Laura. But Ms. Shallow Winslow on the other hand was more concerned about her reputation. She had to get dogged by a few guys and made jealous by the way Steve treated his girlfriends before she would even see him for who he was.

It took this heffa 9 whole seasons to realize what she took for granted for so many years. Poor Steve lapped it all up like the love-sick puppy he was. He literally had to create an alter ego, clone himself, and date a clingy psychopath (Myra) before Ms. Im Too Cool Winslow would even dare date him. Laura Winslow was fed up with failed dating and settled for Steve because she’s a self absorbed brat who knew she would never find a man to dote on her the way he did.

Ok, rant over……But I’ve always hated Laura Winslow’s guts. She did not deserve Steve Urkel.

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