Peppermint Karen slanders LYFT driver

Retiree William Thomas has been driving for LYFT for 3 years. He recently had an interaction with a rider that has him scrambling to clear his name. We shall refer to this rider as Peppermint Karen.

When Peppermint Karen hopped her goofy ass into Mr. Thomas’ car, she was greeted with the typical, “Hi, how are you today?” She told him that she was sick. Being the helpful senior he is, he offered her some peppermint oil on a tissue and instructed her to inhale the scent for relief. He had just gotten over a cold himself.

Instead of Karen simply declining his offer, she took a picture of him and the oil covered tissue. Of course, the picture was shared and spread across the country.

Mr. Thomas had to reach out to a news station just to clear his name and give his side of the story. My problem with Karen is simply this. YOU SMELLED THE PEPPERMINT! There’s no way that it wasn’t what he said it was. Peppermint essential oil smells like PEPPERMINT KAREN! Not only did she overreact, but she almost ruined a hard working retiree’s reputation.

This man was publicly shamed for being helpful, yet Peppermint Karen’s identity is being protected. Are you sensing the hypocrisy here?

If her paranoia was that heightened…okay, we all make mistakes, but once she knew that her allegation was wrong, she should have contacted a news station to help clear his name. Swallow some humble pie, Karen! We live in the days of post first, investigate later. Assumptions can ruin lives, people! Shame on you Peppermint Karen.

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