Celebs Sued over STD Claims

Std’s do not discriminate! You can have a huge bank account, drive a fancy car, and rub elbows with the elite, but real life problems will hit you no matter who you are. These five celebrities had to find out the hard way that sexually transmitted diseases are not only contagious, they are a suable offense. Strap up and be careful of the company you keep. Some of these celebs dodged bullets and proved they were falsely accused. Some others weren’t so lucky.

  1. Usher Raymond

Back in 2017, a Georgia woman named Quantasia Sharpton sued the R&B crooner for $20 million. She accused the “Let it Burn” singer of passing her the herpes virus without disclosing his status before they hit the sheets. I guess “You Got it Bad” Ms. Sharpton.

Luckily for Usher, (who denied the allegations) Quantasia eventually dropped the charges.

2. Michael Vick

According to the lawsuit seen below, a Georgia healthcare worker named Sonya Elliot claims that she met the “dog enthusiast” at a night club in Virginia beach in 2001. She said that she had a close sexual relationship with the former quarterback until she discovered that he allegedly gave her the virus in 2003.

3. Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries, a NBA baller who had enough caucasian “swag” to snag Kim Kardashian and briefly marry her, (insert deep eye roll) was accused of giving a woman named Kayla Goldberg herpes. She claimed that their encounter was a one night stand which resulted in her contracting the std. She ended up with public pie in her face when he provided the court with a negative test. Case dismissed bih!!

4. R. Kelly

A Texas woman named Faith Rodgers filed suit against the Pied Pisser claiming that he knowingly and maliciously gave her herpes. Ms. Rodgers claims that she and the former star had a year-long relationship when she was 19 after meeting him at one of his concerts in San Antonio. She even claimed that he said to her, “You know, if you’re really 16, that you can tell Daddy, right?”

Shocking! (Not really)

5. Michael Jackson

Some lady sued Michael Jackson’s estate for $10 million after claiming that the “You are not alone” singer gave her herpes 40 years ago. I heavily side eyed this one.

No one is exempt as you can see. Whether they beat the case or had to pay, ANYONE can be accused of anything.

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