The MANY faces of Nene Leakes

RHOA star Nene Leakes has ‘graced’ us with her faces for what seems to be well over a decade. Her rise to fame and fortune began the moment she opened her mouth on television. Nene has one of those personalities that can’t be ignored. You’ll either adore her loud, unnecessary, and borderline ratchet antics, or you’ll hate her for being so annoyingly petty.

I’m more concerned about why she felt the need to get so much plastic surgery done. She went from looking like a typical auntie you’d see at the mall to a muppet. Yes, I said a freaking muppet. What did she find so wrong with herself that she felt the need to change her face so drastically? She’s clearly lightening her skin to match the array of blonde hair hats she dons daily, her nose has changed shape a few times and her cheek bones are higher.

Nene Leakes went from being a real woman to resembling a damn muppet. Should we blame her for trying to fit into Hollywood’s beauty standards? It seems that when black women get a bit of fame, a lot of them tend to go out of their way to look as European as possible. Blonde wigs, bleached skin, and nose jobs to slim out any sign of African ancestry. I’m sure if asked why she did this to herself, she would say everything but the truth. She was not comfortable in her own skin. She let her surgeon knife her face until she got the result she was looking for, a faux white woman. Over the years, she slowly transitioned until she reached Janice the Muppet status.

On RHOA, her feud with Kim Zolciak seemed petty at times. But looking back, I think Nene was jealous all the long. She saw this woman winning at life and she wanted what she had deep down inside. Now Nene is out here living her best life and doing one hell of a Kim impersonation with her face.

I do think that her giving in to the industry’s beauty standard has bolstered her career. (Yes, they do love for a black woman to give in to a more European look!) Nene ruined her face, she looked so much better as a natural black woman. With her new muppet face, I just can’t take her seriously.

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