Could you date an ugly man?

Let’s just be 100 and keep it real. In today’s society, having an aesthetically pleasing partner is not only good on the eyes, but also good on the ego. Having the man that many other woman would desire is a triumph for a lot of women. It gives you that extra confidence boost when you enter a room with him as arm candy. All eyes are on him, the women in the room scrutinizing you for imperfections and reasons why you aren’t good enough to be in the presence of such a handsome guy.

While the envy of other women may make you feel superior, having a great looking man has it’s disadvantages as well.

There’s almost always another woman trying her best to take him from you.

He may look better than you.

He probably has metrosexual habits that will annoy you in the long run.

But just think about this for a second…. if you are having trouble finding and or keeping a man, maybe you should consider dating an ugly man. I know, I know…..but hear me out first. Just think about it and consider the pro’s versus the cons.

He more than likely will not have other women chasing him.

He’ll probably treat you better than you’ve ever been treated because he’ll appreciate you for even giving him the time of day.

You’re not getting any dates anyway……

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you may deem ugly in the beginning may turn out to be the most beautiful experience of your life. Sometimes us women short change ourselves by setting our standards too high. Stepping out of your comfort zone can give you a whole new perspective on dating, and you may just find the proverbial diamond in the rough.

(Still be careful though, there are guys out here with a Beetlejuice face and Jason Momoa swag who will still dog you out.)

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